Thursday, April 2, 2009


He calls me by this name.
Among other names. But this one is special. 
In a lanuage I understand but vaguely. It is not a traditional nickname. Or atleast not one I have heard before. I can best define it as a combination of two words. But words from which all the nuances have been chopped off. What remains is just the emotion. It starts off with devotion and then suddenly twists into this arrogance which underlies his ownership. 
I wonder if he feels this name is more special than the others. If he realises that this is more than a sweet nothing?
When I hear him say it I realize this is for real. 
Promise. Assurance. Confidence. Tenderness. Maybe even love.
And when he is not around I replay it in my mind , perfecting his tone in my imaginations. 
Again and again. Till I can be almost sure that he is next to me. That I need to but open my eyes to find him. 
Thus hidden in my name there exists the summons to him. And to all the beauty of the future.

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