Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Facing thy dreams

'Chase thy dreams ' .... how often have we heard his .. the omnipresent inspirational quote .. and of course isnt that the secret of achieving dreams. But what do you do when fate intervens . You dont get to chase your dream coz lady luck smiles at you and wham , heres your opportunity. Its time to ' capture thy dream' . But hello ? whatever happened to preparing for it. I am not ready as yet . I dont want it now . I would rather it remains the elusive dream , thank you very much. For i would rather have a destination as compared to the memory of a failure . I am no spider , not even a king bruce. and a shimmering oasis is all i ask for.
' hee hee' , you cant dictate terms to me fate chortles
And so the grand saga of me facing what i have always wanted ends with me questioning my right to dream so big. well what have always wnted might not be true , but yes pretty high on the list of things i want ( second only to true love , sighs cindrella ).
And now the subduded questions emerge. destinations . and yes i know lifes about the journey . but without the destination i sort of cannot make the right turns you know. Reminds me of these bike rides i used to go on with a friend . with the hopes of getting lost we would choose turns without thinking . and no i never got anywhere interesting. Thats what i dread. A journey ending with well so what?
Signing of hoping to find new dreams .

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